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Camping With Dogs

Taking a dog camping with you can be a fun experience. Before you go, determine whether your dog is likely to enjoy camping. Check in advance with the various camp sites. Make sure that, whether it is a wilderness site or a recreational campground, that dogs are allowed and inquire about the rules concerning dogs. This way, you will not be disappointed when you arrive. Once you decide the campsite and that the mini-adventure and your dog are a good match, it is time to prepare a list of what you need to bring.

There are certain items that are essential for the health and well-being of your dog. There are others that help to guarantee his or her safety. Be sure to compile a list of what you think you need to bring. After that, you will probably have to go back and revamp it. This may happen after you have talked with friends who have undertaken a similar experience. You might want to also talk to your vet. Another idea is to check on the internet for helpful hints. Below is a brief list of suggested items and things to do.

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Camping Checklist:

• Make sure your dog’s shots are up-to-date. Talk to your vet and see if there are any particular medical concerns for the specific region of the country.

• Does your dog have any allergies? Will he or she need antihistamines for the trip?

• Put together and take a First Aid Kit for your dog. This should include tweezers or pliers as well as skunk deodorizer and flea and tick repellent if you are camping in a wild life area. Other items to put in the kit are bandages, gauze, splints, antiseptic and styptic powder. Be sure to add an ointment or cream for soothing and treating animal and insect bites and scratches.

• Bring a water bowl and a food bowl. If you are camping or hiking, see if you can purchase one of the collapsible bowls. They are light and can go anywhere.

• If you are in animal territory, make sure the dog food is stored in a secure, metal container. You do not want to attract bears, racoons or other animals to your campsite at night.

• Bottled water if required. If the water source is questionable, bring an extra pot to boil and cool the water down.

• How cold does it get at night? Are you winter camping? If it is cool or becomes very cold at night, you will need a dog blanket. It may be best to provide a plastic drop sheet as well as a blanket.

• Your dog is a member of the family. As such, it should carry readily available identification. Pack at least 2 copies of your pet’s id along with his/her microchip number and/or tattoo identification. Place one tag on the animal’s neck. It should have name, number, address and phone number. If possible, you should have home and holiday locations. Keep another in the tent and/or glove compartment. You should also have a copy of your dog’s record of vaccinations. A recent photo of your pet will be extremmely helpful in recovering your dog should he/she become lost or wander off.

Giant Schnauzer


Spending your vacation with your dog can be challenging. It can also be rewarding. Make sure you pack for your dog as well as for you and the rest of your family. Include everything that will ensure a fun vacation for the entire family.

Giant Schnauzer

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