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Ain’t Behavin’ ~ Common Dog Issues

It is important your dog behaves in public and at home. Wether you have a puppy, a young dog or an adult canine, they should have manners. There are several dog issues that are common to many dog owners. If they have not experienced any of them themselves, they are aware of some owners who have.

The best solution is to prevent the behavior before it starts. If you have a puppy, train him or her from a young age in what not to do. This is as important as what to do. If the dog you have brought home is older, it is not too late to train them to behave. The following article looks at a single common dog issue. This is dominance or aggressive behavior.

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Dominance or aggression may reveal itself in your dog at a young age. The puppy may protect its food or toys from all comers. This can include other puppies, the household cat and you or your family members. This may escalate into actually snapping at anyone or any animal that attempts to touch or remove the food, toy or other object. The animal may bare his or her teeth and growl at anyone who approaches. This, in turn, may make the dog the dominant character in the household. No one can or will get between him or her and the protected or special object.

It is not easy to change the pattern if it is in an adult dog. In this case, you will probably have to call in the professionals. They will know best how to train the dog. If you think you can do it on your own, do so. Do not, however, attempt this before you have consulted an expert in the subject. Also, be sure you understand the dog psychology behind the behavior. This will help you understand why the dog is acting in this fashion. You can then work within the set parameters and provide the rationale behind the behavior to the expert.

In the instance of puppy aggression, there is little reason why you cannot handle the situation. You must set the rules of behavior early. It is important you teach the puppy a simple or basic command. You can choose among several. The most common is release, let go and give.

These commands must be given in a firm “no-nonsense” tone of voice. While you are saying the word, you will take the object from the puppy’s mouth or remove the food bowl. After you do so, you will return the item. This will let the puppy know he or she is not being punished. You are not interfering with his meal or fun.

You need to reinforce this behavior. Try it with different objects. Implement it at different times of the day. In doing so, you will establish a sensible dog-human relationship. In accomplishing this at an early age, you are preventing trouble further down the road.

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No one - or at least no one who ever had a dog, has said it is easy. It is a life long task. It involves working in a tandem with your dog. You should also never forget to include your family in on the process.

They have to know what is appropriate as well. You do not want to confuse your dog with contrary approaches. The same applies to friends. Do NOT let your friends get away with treating your dog in a manner you regard as inappropriate. It is not good for your dog. It is also not responsible dog ownership.

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