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Sleeping Comfortably - Dog Beds

Every dog should have his or her bed - preferably, according to some people, not theirs. Today you can purchase from a wide selection of dog beds. They range from the plain and practical to the elaborate and decorative. There are dollar store types and designer beds. If you shop around, you will be sure to find something in the style that suits your dog. If you shop wisely, it will not cause a major dent in your pocketbook.

However, before you go out to buy the ideal bed, consider the reason you are on the hunt in the first place. This should not be out of some sense of fashion consciousness. Nor should it arise from the pretty pictures found in a book, magazine or online. You should not be out looking for a doggy bed simply because so-and-so rock star, TV personality or famous individual has one. You are buying it for the dog.

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First Steps

Stop and look at your dog. Look at the height, width and weight of this animal. How big is he or she? How much space does the canine command or demand when they settle down? If you have a large animal, you will also need more cushions or cushioning.

Next consider the “taste” or style of your dog. Is this canine quite happy stretched out on a dog or a bed? Does you or anyone else have a problem with this? Some dogs prefer the rug, the carpet or even the floor to any item of furniture. If this is true, do you think buying a dog bed will change it?

After you have established the preference and style requirements of your dog, look at the environment. Is your dog an indoor or an outdoor dog? You may have a dog who likes to stay outdoors. This will demand a different type of bed than that of an indoor dog.

You should also consider such factors as the amount of cushioning you will need. Finally, know where to shop and what you can afford. You can love your canine companion and keep within a budget. Stores carrying dog beds range from small pet stores to dog specialty stores to general stores to super stores and on up to retail giants. The final product and price depend upon you and your high-powered shopping ability.

Giant Schnauzer

Types Of Dog Beds

Dog beds come in different sizes, shapes, colors and materials. The most basic and practical you can select are based on a basket. You can purchase a plastic, wicker or similar basket. To make it comfortable you add a cushion or place within it comfy blankets. Make sure the basket and its accessories are all washable.

Molded baskets fit this prerequisite nicely. They also have the added advantage of being less responsive to the whims of a chewer. If you purchase a strong model, it is likely to suffer from cracks and breaks. If you have a large dog who likes baskets, this is the route to go. You are less likely to find whicker baskets in suitable sizes.

Another option is the beanbag bed. These are practical and can be stylish. They come in different colors and patterns. They are soft, flexible and retain warmth. Beanbag dog beds are great for small dogs. They also can be handy for puppies.

Another popular dog bed comes in an oval shape. It is very similar to a beanbag bed. Both items are plushy or cushy in nature. An oval bed consists of 2 parts: the shell and a lining. The lining made be made of durable polyester or more expensive sheepskin.

Orthopedic dog beds are made with a premium foam filling that is specially made to cushion joints and bones. Very comfortable for all dogs, but these orthopedic pet beds are especially great for older dogs, arthritic dogs, and dogs with joint pain. Also a good idea for younger dogs with hip dyslpasia, the less strain on their joints over time, the more comfortable your pet will be as he/she ages.

If you want to opt for the latest styles of dog beds or go upscale, you will still be considering these same basic types. The differences are apparent in other ways. The choice of material, the patterns and the color place them in a higher end of the bracket. The name of the designer or manufacturer will be a recognizable one.

Designer dog beds come in exotic colors and patterns. Their mattresses, blankets or cushions are made from fur, suede, velvet or velveteen. Designer dog beds can also be made to order. They can be constructed to fit your own specific animal and his or her perceived or actual needs.

Designer dog beds may be raised. They can be copies of any human bed. You can order a pioneer style or a canopy. You can purchase a square bed to fit in a corner. They can be practical, frivolous or both. Whatever bed you finally decide to purchase, however, make sure it matches and fulfills its purpose - your dog’s bed.

We have dog beds in our living room, kitchen, office and in our bedroom...but somehow they always seem to end up sleeping in bed with us!

Giant Schnauzer

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