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Initial Emergency First Aid Procedures

It is terrible to even think about. Our dog escapes from the back yard, sees a squirrel or cat, gives chase, and runs directly into moving traffic. Soft yielding dog flesh meets hard, cold metal. You hear the thump echo in your head. Your heart stops and migrates somewhere up to your throat. You stand there, horrified wandering what to do. You know it is crucial you get your animal to the closest veterinarian as soon as possible. Yet, in the time intervening, is there anything you can do to help your dog be comfortable while waiting and even survive?
The answer is yes!

Giant Schnauzer

Initial Steps:
While it may be difficult, you have to remain calm and collected. Do not panic. You are not doing your pet any good if you cannot hold it all together. You must retain control of all your emotions for your dog’s sake.

Follow this basic procedure:
* Contact your vet or an emergency vet service immediately
* Gently and quietly approach your hurt animal
* Speak calmly and soothingly to reassure him or her
* Gently stroke the animal if possible
* If you can, wear gloves wounded animals will bite anyone if they are dazed, stressed and anxious
* Prevent the dog from any movement to avoid further damage
* If possible examine the animal for any obvious trauma such as wounds, cuts, broken bones and damaged body parts
* Feel the pulse and listen to the rate of breathing. If it is shallow and fast, this is typically an indication of the early stages of shock
* Make sure the animal is comfortable. Wrap him or her in a blanket to prevent further problems from shock. A blanket will also provide comfort and cushioning for the trip to the vets

Handling Shock:
Often accompanying any form of trauma is shock. Shock results in a complete collapse of the cardiovascular system. The dog will not be receiving enough oxygen resulting in breathing problems. Indications include a weak but fast pulse. If you can check the gums, you will see the color is not the healthy pink. Instead, the gums are white or pale in color. To help an animal suffering from shock requires little skill.

You can help in 3 different ways.
* Take a blanket and wrap their body in it or at least cover them. Warmth will decrease the effect of shock.
* Keep the canine quiet. This reduces any other stress factors
* Immediately rush the canine to the nearest vet clinic

Giant Schnauzer

Accidents do happen. Our favorite companions become injured – hit by a car, attacked by another animal. When this occurs, it is essential to know exactly what to do. The most important thing you have to do is to remain calm. Once you accomplish this, you can approach the injured animal without fear of increasing the level of anxiety and stress. Remaining in control will also allow you to make the necessary arrangements to get your dog to the nearest veterinarian clinic. This is necessary if you want your canine to survive.

Giant Schnauzer

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