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Letters From Libby

Giant Schnauzer

July 12, 2005
Hi Grandma & Grandpa,

It sure has been a long time since I talked to you but with the weather so hot and humid, Marty and Sue are keeping my water bowl filled and only let me stay outside for very short periods of time. The heat just seems to knock the crap out of all of us, even Benson who thinks he owns the house. But I put the run on him. You should see him scamper from the kitchen to the living room and hide behind the couch. Sometimes Sue hollers at me for picking on the old cat. She says if he had his front claws he'd show me.

Puppy Libby

Well my paws are getting tired and my toes are starting to hurt from this small keyboard so its time to go. Love all of you. I'll keep you posted on any new developments around here.

Thanks for the great breeding.



Giant Schnauzer

September 10, 2005

Hi Granmama & Granpapa,

Mom got the comb you sent...I wasn't too happy about that cuz I don't especially like to get combed out. And I REALLY don't like when she combs my beard!!!

I have just been lounging around the house for the last several days...it is just too hot for me to be outside with this black coat...wish I could take it off when the temp gets up to the 90's. Course I suppose Mama Diva and my sisters are also suffering with the heat. The only one around here who likes the heat is Benson...course he is just a stupid cat...what does he know anyway?

Hope all my schnauzer relatives are doing well and I want to wish everyone good luck at the next show.

Take care Granmama and Granpapa.


Giant Schnauzer

September 25, 2007

Hi Granmama & Granpapa,

Look at me...I can stand on the table and wait for dinner!!! Mom didn't
like when I stood on the table and waited for the burgers, but I was hungry.

Libby's Table Manners

I guess my manners aren't the best.

Love Libby


Giant Schnauzer
May 24, 2008

Hi Granmama & Granpapa,

It's me LIBBY!!! I am going to give you an update on my week at the lake. Remember I told you last time that the little resort dog, Buster, called me a BAD NAME....well, did I ever show him something this week. I was going walking with Mom when Otto strolled by to say hi. Just then Buster came running around Laura's car (that's Buster & Otto's mom) and started barking at me. I turned and stared at him and started kinda running toward him.

You should have been him tuck his tail and run for Laura's Honda. Lucky for him the door was open and he jumped in. I tried to get him, but Mom held me back. You would have been so proud of me for "putting the run on him". Bet he won't mess with me anymore!

Then yesterday I met another little dog, Oscar. He is part Maltese and part Yorkie. He too thinks he is hot stuff, but when he saw me and saw that I tower over him, he went and hid behind his owners. What a whimp! He looks goofy too...when he runs in circles he shows his teeth...thinks he is smiling, but I know he is trying to catch bugs!

Got to run,


Giant Schnauzer

May 14, 2009

Good Morning Grandma/Grandpa

Last night at midnight, again Marty let me out and I got to chase a deer out of our yard. They run very fast and hold their tails very high in the air. I did not want to come in and Marty was having a fit for me to come to the door. He went back to bed and had Sue come and let me in.

Today, when Marty was washing the RV he threw the hose down and the handle on the faucet opened when it hit the ground. Water came gushing out so fast and Marty could not get out of the way fast enough. He was wet from the top of his head to the shoes on his feet. Ben and I both said it looked like he pissed in his pants. We had a good chuckle but wiped the smiles off our faces when he came in the house to change his pants.

Grandma, Marty just raised his voice to me. Maybe I had it coming, I think he heard me cleaning out Bens food bowl. Should I not clean it out if Ben walks away from it? Why should good food just sit there?

Grandma and Grandpa I want to thank you for a good time. It was nice to see and meet some of the new pups. I had a good time and those bunnies sure kept me on the edge of my seat. I know I could catch them, you know Grandma, I'm fast when it comes to running. I want to thank all of you it was fun.

Well, I have to run, I think I hear Sue filling my bowl. Food, food, got to run.

Love Libby

Giant Schnauzer

June 11, 2009

Hi GranMaMa,

It's me Libby. I know, I know, Sue told me to stay off the computer, so
please don't tell her I sent you a note. She might get mad at me.

I just have to tell you that I have been a "litle naughty". Last week at the RV, Sue caught me licking the butter dish, then I ate two dessert bars that were left on the table when Sue went to empty the trash. I guess she thought I wasn't paying attention to the food when she forgot it on the table. Another day I ate a piece of bread that was buttered and ready for grilling. I just couldn't help myself....food tastes sooooo gooood and I just had to eat it. Anyway, Sue wasn't very happy with me after my little tasting adventure.

Benson told me he is glad we are staying at the lake. He doesn't have to guard his food dish when I am not around. Last week he was teasing me, but you should have seen when I put the run on him. I chased him around the kitchen table and down the hall and finally he got tired of me and ran downstairs. I got him good!!

Well, I better get off the computer...

Bye for now,


Giant Schnauzer

July 7, 2009

Hi GranMaMa & GranPaPa,

It's Libby again. Today, Sue and Marty are putting some traveling things together. They are going to Green Bay for a couple of days and the good thing is, THEY ARE TAKING ME WITH THEM. It will be fun to explore some new yards and territory. The back seat of the Accord is mine, plenty of leg room for me to stretch out on.

Libby Takes Up Golf

Oops, I better get off this computer, I hear Marty coming to use it and there will be trouble if he catches me.

Take care; hi to all of my Schnauzer relatives (especially Mom).


Giant Schnauzer

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