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85% Of Adult Dogs Have Periodontal Disease
Could your dog be at risk?

Giant Schnauzer

Imagine what would happen if you didn't routinely care for your teeth in between dental cleanings. The same basics of dental care are true for your dog, too. Without routine care, your dog could suffer from increasingly serious stages of periodontal disease.

Giant Schnauzer

IN STAGE 1, GINGIVITIS, the gum (or gingiva) at the top of the teeth is inflamed and swollen, and plaque covers the teeth. Treatment can reverse the condition.

Stage 1 Gingivitis

IN STAGE 2, EARLY PERIODONTITIS, the entire attached gum is inflamed and swollen. The dog's mouth is painful, and bad breath is noticeable. Professional treatment and home dental care can prevent this from becoming irreversible.

Stage 2 Periodontitis

IN STAGE 3, MODERATE PERIODONTITIS, infection and calculius are destroying the gum, now bright red and bleeding. The dog's mouth is sore, which can affect eating and behavior. Bad breath is consistent. Periodontitis had started and may be irreversible.

Stage 3 Moderate Periodontitis

IN STAGE 4, ADVANCED PERIODONTITIS, chronic bacterial infection is destroying the gum, teeth and bone. Bacteria may be spreading in the bloodstream throughout the body, which can damage the kidneys, liver and heart.

Stage 4 Advanced Periodontitis

Giant Schnauzer


After a professional dental cleaning, it is important to keep protecting your dog's teeth. Just a few minutes of home pet dental care a day helps to prevent plaque and tartar buildup - and more serious problems. Simply by beginning caring for your dogs teeth early on as a puppy, you may never need professional dental cleaning for your dog. This starts when your puppy first comes home, you must make him accustomed to having his mouth handled and used to frequent brushing. This can be a fun and rewarding experience for both you and your dog if started early. Your dog will begin to look forward to and enjoy the added attention he receives from you. We cannot stress enough that this must be initiated at a young age and continue for the dog's entire life.

BEFORE DENTAL CLEANING, plaque and tartar can be seen on the teeth. If left untreated, plaque and tartar can lead to bad breath, tooth loss or worse. Professional dental care is needed.

Before Dental Cleaning

A PROFESSIONAL DENTAL CLEANING by a veterinarian removes plaque and tartar on the teeth and below the gum line, and prepares the teeth for home dental care.

Professional Dental Cleaning

3 WEEKS AFTER DENTAL CLEANING WITHOUT HOME DENTAL CARE, plaque can already be seen forming on teeth when a solution is applied.

3 Weeks After Dental Cleaning Without Home Dental Care

7 WEEKS AFTER DENTAL CLEANING WITHOUT HOME DENTAL CARE, heavy plaque and tartar have formed on the teeth.


Giant Schnauzer

Proper dental care will ensure that your dog lives a long and comfortable life.

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